Friday, 16 March 2007

Paradise And Power

by Robert Kagan

ISBN 1-84354-177-7

Mr Kagan sets out his stall in the very first sentence of the book. We are told that: “It is time to stop pretending that Europeans and Americans share a common view of the world, or even that they occupy the same world.” I think, more than anything, it was this first sentence that drew me into the book.

We live at a time when many in Europe are seriously questioning the role of the USA in the world. This questioning of US leadership in world affairs has caused many in America to reconsider what the commitment of the US to world affairs ought to be. The rise of a unipolar system of international relations has also seen the increased willingness of the US to act unilaterally in world affairs. In taking up the book, I hoped to gain a deeper insight into this apparent rift that is developing between the US and its key supporters in Europe.

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