Monday, 28 May 2007

Youth Irrational Exuberance

This week at the Time Bandits we looked at Youth Irrational Exuberance. It talked about how children all over the world are aiming for goals that are too hard for most of them to achieve. So I asked the Time Bandits what their goals are, a few answers were: move away from England, be a blacksmith, have children that love you, get a good job. But there were some that were quite impossible like take over the world.

The Time Bandits really thought that what the article was saying is all true as none of the Time Bandits had much idea of how to accomplish that goal. But when the Time Bandits started talking about blaming people most of their faces were blank, so who is really to blame?

One subject that we have in school is a lesson called “careers”, which talks to you about your future and your job. The Time Bandits didn’t think this was a good lesson to have as it gives you information about jobs like being a fruit picker on a farm which not many people want to become, also when you ask about a job that you are interested in like being a futurist they can’t come up with an answer. Overall it was unanimous that “careers” were not helping us very much. A Time Bandit told me, also, that when she was in class and was constantly good she is very rarely praised but when someone who is usually bad is good for a lesson they get a ridiculous amount of praise. This could help to pollute young people’s minds to aim for goals that are out of their reach. I think the main way to stop this is for young people to be realistic in what they think about.

23rd May 07

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