Monday, 17 January 2011

The Pace Quickens

We are all starting to feel the impact of China on our daily lives. For example, the ‘China Price’ is rising, which means that we are feeling its effect in falling disposable incomes (through higher inflation). It does not mean, however, that all is lost. One beneficial effect of the China effect is that the government of China can now look to Europe for investments and purchases. Purchases help European exports, but, more significantly, Chinese investments are providing a prop to the Euro at just the time that it is needed.
Of course, good news for Europe is bad news for the US. As Euro denominated bonds become the choice of Chinese investors, so they are moving away from investments denominated in US Dollars. This will give the fed a refinancing headache in the near future. As it does so, the geopolitical decline of the US will be shown in a more stark light, counterbalanced by the stark rise of China.
To this extent, the pace of change will appear to quicken.
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