Friday, 10 June 2011

The Green House

The Green House

I like the idea that the way to combat Greenhouse Emissions is to start living in a Green House! We are currently looking at a green retro fit at home, which is how we came across this outfit.

At present, the installation cost is fairly high, which has slowed the uptake of the technology. However, this is changing - gradually at first, but it will gather pace in time. As it does so, the uptake will increase in volume. I wonder if this is a good case for a public subsidy to prime the pump and to give the technologies involved a helping hand. It could be paid for by increasing taxes on conventional energy production (e.g. VAT on domestic fuel bills at the full rate of 20% instead of the soft rate of 5%).

I see this as a technology to be exposed to over this decade, and possibly the next. It certainly addresses the issues of which technologies are likely to fit the scarcity agenda.

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