Monday, 29 January 2007

Global Remix


ISBN 0-7494-4871-7

At first I was confused by this book. I couldn’t quite make up my mind whether it was a futures text about the future of management, or whether it was a management text about the application of foresight in management. About half way through the book I decided that it was both. There are elements within the book that will appeal to those who wish to engage in management issues, and there are elements in the book that contain some very useful insights into the future.

This book is an ideal purchase for those managers and corporate planners who are looking for an introduction to foresight and futures studies. It is not too demanding and it does not require a great deal of technical knowledge in order to get the best from it. I would thoroughly recommend the book as a corporate gift for junior managers looking to raise their game. This is the demographic to which the book is aimed.

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