Saturday, 16 June 2007

The little guy strikes back- Futurist Club

After reading The little guy strikes back I just I just had to show it to my futurist friends at last weeks meeting of the Time Bandits. Here were are overall views on it.

The whole thing with us idolising famous people is never really going to change as people are not selfless, so some feel the need to be the centre of attention and some just want money. When I say things are not going to change I mean in future generations as none of the Time Bandits thought Paris Hilton getting special treatment was not that bad. Also as many Time Bandits pointed out things won't change as long as the media keeps going on about how wonderful famous people are.

The Time Bandits thought that the next people to revolt will be high school teachers as many of them get a lot of abuse and have very little power to stop it. Also caretakers may revolt soon as many are being paid badly.

When it comes to prisons I asked the Time Bandits "Should mothers with babies in prison have their own prison, when famous people have one? The Time Bandits thought mothers should have longer with their babies but not a special prison. What most Time Bandits thought was that mothers in jail are not fit to look after a baby full time. Also what if a mother threatened to kill the baby? But when I asked about famous people having their own prisons the Time Bandits couldn't understand it because it is obvious that they will get special treatment, so why can't the famous people go in a main prison. As long as there is no bullying from other prisoners then why should they get special prisons.

When I asked the Time Bandits who they thought is the most overpaid famous types of people, the majority thought that footballers as getting paid over a million pound for kicking a ball around for ninety minutes is ridiculous. If footballers really love football they should do it for enjoyment instead of money.

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