Thursday, 7 June 2007

Wind Energy: Power from the Prairie

This week at the Northgate High School Futurist Club we looked at Wind Energy: Power from the Prairie. The overall view was that it is a very good idea; but no one really has done enough acting, just a lot of talking on the subject. Wind turbines are a very good way of collecting energy because as long as we have wind we have an infinite supply of energy. The Time Bandits thought that we should also raise taxes on certain doodads like boats to help fund buying new turbines. But the Time Bandits didn’t think that prioritising on this was very smart as there are so many other things that we should be concered about.

On the other hand there have been some very bad stories about the effects of wind turbines like pigeons get stuck in it, whales signals get messed up and they start doing very abnormal things, they are loud and are ugly. But compared to oil stations some Time Bandits thought wind turbines were very pretty.

When the Time Bandits got on to thinking about where the turbines could actually be placed some Time Bandits were a little stuck so I asked them to think of a place where there is lots of space, at first many thought of Australia and Ireland but when I asked them about Great Britain the Time Bandits thought Wales is a good option.

Once the problems have been sorted out with wind turbines then I think that wind turbines will be a very smart way to go forward. So maybe in the future when you go on holiday to Wales you will see lots of wind turbines out and about.

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steve said...

I've just returned from a family holiday in Germany. We travelled by train (10 times less CO2 than flying) to Berlin and back and saw hundreds of wind turbines and several fossil fuel power stations. We agree with the Time Bandits that wind turbines look much nicer. Germany is now world leader in wind energy - and they seem to site them wherever they can.