Saturday, 22 September 2007

Should Ipswich Develop Its Infrastructure Before It Builds More Houses?

A Meeting Organised By EUFO

The Ipswich Institute
19th September 2007


CLLR RICHARD ATKINS, Ipswich Borough Council

BARBARA ROBINSON, Community Campaigner

This meeting was organised as part of the RSA Coffee House Challenge initiative. The aim of the programme is to empower groups of people at a local level to meet to discuss matters of significance to them. It is part of a movement to reinvigorate public life in the UK at the grass roots level. The issues of development and regeneration in Ipswich have been at the heart of much activity of the Borough Council in recent years.

The central core of Ipswich is being modernised and given a fresh life, whilst the construction of large housing developments within the town have been a feature with us for some years. This development has not been without its problems. Traffic congestion, pollution, and the degradation of the built environment in the town centre have also accompanied the development in the town. This has led some members of the public to question whether the redevelopment of the town centre ought to be paused to allow for the accompanying infrastructure to catch up. This was the heart of the question being asked at the meeting.

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Anonymous said...

Thank you for this summary Stephen.
I would be interested in knowing what the consensus view was from those attending?

Barbara Robinson

Stephen Aguilar-Millan said...

Dear Barbara,

It's difficult to gain a consensus view when there were so many people with divergent views attending and when we didn't canvass views from everyone.

However, I came away thinking that everyone was right, depending upon where you are in the circle.

Richard Atkins was right - we won't get the infrastructure funding without the developoment. You were right - who decides which development is to take place? Others were right in questioning where the jobs will come from to facilitate the development.

We felt that this was interesting enough to be included in a future programme after Christmas.

With best wishes,