Wednesday, 19 December 2007

HK Edgerton: The Black Confederate

Jacob Krejci (Flickr id) writes:

"Over a year ago on a chance encounter I snapped this picture. After some research I found that the man in the picture was the enigmatic HK Edgerton. The former head of the Asheville chapter of the NAACP who has made it his personal mission to defend the confederate flag marching from NC to Texas in order to spread his gospel.

And an extremly controversial gospel it is: Edgerton claims that slavery wasn't the horrible institiution that there was a harmonious relationship between slave and slaveowner. He likens his work to that of Martin Luther King, but civil rights leaders refer to him as a white supremist.

I most certainly do not agree with his viewpoint, but I fully recognize him as a remarkeable charcter and a living legend of the South. I have been quite fascinated and curious about him."

This picture is so interesting. It contains so much about identity confusion and self appreciation.

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