Saturday, 1 December 2007

St Pancras Station

St Pancras Station, originally uploaded by EUFO Views.

This is billed as Europe's longest Champagne Bar. When I went through St Pancras, it was very busy because it was the only place that I could find to sit down in the station. The purchase of an over-priced glass of fizzy wine early in the day isn't exactly my idea of a good start to a trip to Paris.

The commentators at Trendwatching caught this as well as part of a 'Premiumization' trend. In their December issue they say:

"Basically, with more wealth burning holes in (saturated and experienced) consumers' pockets than ever before, quick status fixes derived from premium products and premium experiences will continue in full force next year."

Interestingly enough, in their photo, very few people are actually drinking fizzy wine - they look as if they have visited the bar just to sit down! (See full reference)

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