Saturday, 5 January 2008

Men Not At Work

This week at the Time Bandits we looked at men not at work.

Overall this did not surprise us; although we were surprised that it has not happened sooner. One male Time Bandit commented that “men are lazy and staying at home and looking after some children would be ideal, there are not certain working hours so you cannot get fired. Also you can eat anything you want.” We thought it was a good idea because there will be a reduced number of macho men around. Also sexism will have to reduce because it is hard to be sexist when you have lots of stay-at-home-dads. But this could all backfire as the boys at the Time Bandits said if that were an option they would stay home and watch TV and play video games.

The article also went into talking about young people working and how after education young people want to take a break. I asked the Time Bandits if they wanted to go to university and straight in to work and only one or two wanted to. Most wanted to travel. I asked the female Time Bandits if they would mind, when they have a family, to be the person earning the salary and for the man to stay at home. We had to discuss this for quite a while and the end results were that it depends. It depended on what qualifications they had, how close they were to their children and what kind of work they would be doing.

The Time Bandits thought that overall this is going to become a more common thing and that it should become a more common thing.

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