Monday, 21 January 2008

Science triumphs over Faith?

Science triumphs over Faith?, originally uploaded by Simon_K.

Simon K (Flickr id) writes:

"Winterton, Norfolk
A terrifying prefiguring of the triumph of scientific atheism over traditional religion? Or an ancient landscape disrupted by sops to the eco-fascists? Winterton church from the tower of Martham church, through the Somerton wind farm. That's the North Sea beyond."

What intrigues me is whether or not this is the shape of landscapes to come. At some point, the church would have been built, the tower of which is above the tree line. We can ask if this progress disturbed the natural environment. However, I do like the metaphor of science (and technology) triumphing over faith. Perhaps this is a signal that , as many futurists believe, we are about to leave the Age of Reason?

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