Saturday, 14 July 2007

Drawing Boundaries On Conservation

This week at the Time Bandits we looked at Drawing Boundaries on Conservation. Overall the article is a good idea. The Time Bandits think that some animals that we should be watching out for are cod, red squirrels, hedgehogs, stag beetles, eels and jelly fish. Mainly because there are so many of them being killed each year but not many people do much to help save them. The Time Bandits thought that the main ways to help cod is by not eating them and most of the other animals by leaving food out for them so they don't starve.

The article has a number of problems that the animals would face and the Time Bandits thought that the problem of paper parks is the worst because if parks are not marked down then people will keep going on and chopping down the trees, littering the areas and generally ruining the areas.

The Time Bandits were really mixed when I asked them if we should have more zoos because some thought that zoos preserve the animals, educates the people and gives people jobs. But on the other have some Time Bandits thought that the animals are in bad conditions, not given enough roaming space for it to be natural for the animals and the zoos are exploiting animals for money. The Time Bandits came to a decision that zoos are only OK when the animals have less than 100 in the wild but other than that the animals are being exploited.

I asked the Time Bandits, what animal if it became extinct would have the largest impact on the ecosystem? A Time Bandit made a really good answer by saying humans would have the largest impact as the world would change so dramatically. What do you think?

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