Tuesday, 3 July 2007

Timeline Technology

This week at the Time Bandits we looked at Timeline Technology.

Overall there were very mixed views as some thought that it was a great idea but unlikely to happen whereas others thought it was wrong in many ways. The most changed subject, the Time Bandits thought, were Artificial Intelligence, Robotics and Computing and Communicating. On the other side the Time Bandits thought that the least changed were Security, Biotechnology and Environment and Resources. The overall view I was getting from the Time Bandits was that we don’t need any of this and will simply end up more screwed up.

The Time Bandits thought that the hardest thing to make would have to be the robots outnumbering all the armies, also that could be quite dangerous. But the easiest thing to make is new forms of animals simply because if you breed different animals you will get new forms of animals anyway.

Going into more detail on certain subjects, the Time Bandits kept coming back to the idea of a full direct link which can seem good but will probably end up very bad. It could easily end up helping child perverts as they could lead a child into an alleyway without their parents knowing. On a better note, electronic pets would be quite good as they can be a lot easier to look after than normal pets.

Something that should never happen, the Time Bandits thought, was thought recognition as if you think of anything and it happens then teenage pregnancies could go up, death rates could go up and many other bad things could start happening. If all this does happen, a Time Bandits pointed out, would we not end up living in a virtual world. And people may give anything to make and have these things but why would you want to give up your humanity to become just another animated person?

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