Wednesday, 4 July 2007

The Wellbeing Of Nations

After every Time Bandit had finished reading the article I asked them are you surprised that Britain is so low down on the worlds happiness scale, 41 out of 178?

All of the Time Bandits replied by saying no. I asked them why and they answered by saying that there are so many depressed people in Britain and very few of them are getting help. When it comes to children and being at school many Time Bandits thought it was no surprise that people are depressed. To do well in life you need to be poplar, do well in school and be prepared to ruin your life i.e smoking, drugs and sex. If a child doesn’t fit into any of those categories then the chances are that person will be unhappy.

Unfortunately one would hope that you could forget about it in class but it seems not as teachers turn a blind eye on bullying, pile you with homework and scare you about “important” exams.

The Time Bandits came up with some ways of trying to make Britain happier. Some of which were taking away crime, poverty and the majority of depression. Stop doing pointless things like wars and mainly stop having rulers who are just in it for themselves.

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